Frequently Asked Questions

What is Raket.PH?

Raket.PH is an upcoming on-demand marketplace that connects Filipino freelancers to businesses around the world.

Raketeers (Raket.PH’s official service providers) could sell their preferred skills to earn more aside from their 9 to 5 jobs.  

How it works?

• Select Filipino freelancers who qualified to join the platform shall stand as “sellers” who will create entries on their respective categories in which they could provide specific details and requirements for their service. 

• Clients, referred to as “buyers,” shall choose among the pool of sellers depending on his category of his needs.

• Client shall negotiate with his chosen Raketeer and pay him thru desired mode of payment within the website.

How to join?

• Go to the website: and click “See If You Qualify” button.

• Accomplish the application form to register.  

• Once done, wait within three (3) days to receive a notification via e-mail to know if you passed the screening process. Once you passed, follow the instructions stated on the e-mail.  

How can I earn?

As the demand for online jobs continues to rise, international clients look for highly skilled Filipino freelancers to hire for a specific job. Once you became an official Raketeer, you’ll offer your skills and talent by creating a gig depending on the categories you fit into. Clients shall avail your services according to your desired rate and time without bargain! Did we mention you’ll get the amount in full? Yes, here at Raket.PH, no cuts, no charges, full amount straight to your account! Simply make sure all arrangements are made within the website for a smooth, hassle-free transaction.  

I submitted on application. How will I be accepted?

Once you completed your application, screening process takes two to three days. You’ll get an e-mail notification regardless if you passed or not. 

Just a quick tip: make time to upload your portfolio to increase your chances to get approved!

What are the requirements to be a Raketeer?

1. Accomplish Application Form

2. Wait for acceptance notification via e-mail 

3. Register and complete your profile